Thursday, June 23, 2016

Artexpo 2016 Milano

Dear Konstantinov,
on internet we saw some of your amazing, creative and unique works; they are really special and real pieces of art! it 's incredible how you work and your unique tecnique. We appreciate in particular your originality and  your alternative way to operate. The one work we like mostly is "bookshelves"; it has a contemmporary interpretation, the authenticity of your alternative way to create  and represent impressed us so much! So many compliments for all of them.
First of all, we manage all: set up, eventual sale, negotiation with potential buyers, or shipping back works after event etc...
If you cannot be in Milan, don't worry, it's not necessary to be in Milan for 7 days event.
We have already received the adhesion of more than 70 contemporary artists from Usa to Singapore, from Uk to Taiwan.
A breaking news that makes us proud: We will exhibit selected original artworks of the Master of Modern art SALVADOR DALì.
Services you will get if you take part the AE2016 Milan: exhibition, printed and on-line catalogue, promotion, commercial team during the event, great visibility.

Melissa Colangelo, Art Event coordinator - ArtExpo2016 Milano.  

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