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Publication Art studio Sergey Konstantinov

Art studio Sergey Konstantinov San Francisco.

Dear Mr. Konstantinov. It was a pleasure to meet you today and to see your portfolio of very accomplished work. You have done work for some of the most serious collectors and dealers in The City.I know that they have very high standards, so you are well-recommended.

Sincerely,Lee Hunt Miller Curator European Decorative Arts and Sculpture. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. September 22,1998.

Sergey Konstantinov possesses an artists eye and brings to the field of restoration an exciting level of understanding and interpretation. He has the gift of breathing life back into an object! I am delighted with the works he has done for me.

Sincerely, Ed Hardy. April 13, 1998.

Hello! Keep it up! This is a good read. You have such an interesting and informative page. You also have a very good choice of colors and a very good taste in art. I will be looking forward to visit your page again and for your other posts as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about decorative arts. I am glad to stop by your site and know more about decorative arts.

Decorative arts Boston
Mark Martin October 3, 2012 at 10:19 AM

Dear Konstantinov,on internet we saw some of your amazing, creative and unique works; they are really special and real pieces of art! it 's incredible how you work and your unique tecnique. We appreciate in particular your originality and  your alternative way to operate. The one work we like mostly is "bookshelves"; it has a contemmporary interpretation, the authenticity of your alternative way to create  and represent impressed us so much! So many compliments for all of them.
A breaking news that makes us proud: We will exhibit selected original artworks of the Master of Modern art SALVADOR DALì.
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Melissa Colangelo, Art Event coordinator - ArtExpo2016 Milano. 

Dear Artist, SERGEY KONSTANTINOV, The International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence has the pleasure to inform you that you have been selected by the International Selections Committee to participate in the X Edition of the Florence Biennale will be held October 17 to 25, 2015 at the historic venue, the Fortezza da Basso in heart of the city.

    1978 Graduated Art College.Vizhnicya. Ukraine.
    1985 Graduated Academy of Art. Lvov. Ukraine.
    1986 The member of Artist Union of the USSR.
    1986 Purchased by Ministry of Culture of the USSR, Moscow. Russia.
    1986 Purchased by Ministry of Culture of the Azerbaijan, Baku. Azerbaijan.
    1990 Purchased by Ministry of Culture of the Armenia.
    1992 Art Conservation Studio Sergey Konstantinov San Francisco.USA.
    1993 Art exhibition Sergey Konstantinov San Francisco.USA.
    1993 Art exhibition, The Artist and the nude. Seattle.USA.
    1993 Art exhibition, About Face, Jewish Museum San Francisco.USA.
    1995 Member of the Western Association of Art Conservation.USA.
    1996 Conservation work Okland Museum.Okland.USA.
    1996 Conservation work Butterfleld&Butterfleld.USA.
    1998 Conservation & Restoration of the sculpture. Andrea Della Robbia 1399-1482. San Francisco.USA.
    1998 Conservation work Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.USA.
    1998 Painting of Architectural Fantasy,Crown Plaza Hotel,Union Square. San Francisco.USA.
    1999 Pair of paintings. Bookshelves. San Francisco.USA.
    1999 Fine Art .Representing Shears & Window.San Francisco Design Center.USA.
    2000 Paintings of Chinese Room. The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show 2000.USA.
    2003 Paintings of Persian Room. San Francisco.USA.
    2004 Conservation & Restoration of the painting.Bartolomeo Bettera 1639 – 1699. San Francisco.USA.
    2004 Paintings of Greece Room.Atherton.USA.
    2005 Proposal.Mural room.Los Angeles.USA.
    2007 Member of The Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America.USA.
    2009 Series Love. Artist Sergey Konstantinov.San Francisco.USA.
    2010 Art Conservation & Restoration.Important Old Paris porcelain vase with portrait Benjamin Franklin.San Francisco.USA.
    2011 Exhibition.Sergey Konstantinov.Tatiana Gallery.Vinnitsa.Ukraine.
    2012 Exhibition.San Francisco. Fine Art Gallery.San Francisco.USA.
    2012 Plener of painting.Lviv.Ukraina.
    2012 Proposal.Bourne Mansion house.Mural restoration.San Francisco.USA.
    2012 Art History Channel new TV Network Cable Show 21st Century Artists.USA.
    2013 Exhibition.San Francisco. Fine Art Gallery.San Francisco.USA.
    2013 Exhibition.Palace of Arts Lviv.Ukraine.
    2013 Exhibition.Russian Pavilion.Arttitud.San Francisco.USA.
    2013 Exhibition.Arttitud.San Francisco.USA.
    2013 Interior Design showcase Arttitud San Francisco.
    2013 Soma Grand San Francisco. Artist Sergey Konstantinov.
    2014 Best of Houzz 2014.Art Studio Sergey Konstantinov.
    2014 Fine Art Gallery.Girl With Flower.San Francisco.
    2014 Russian Art Festival Arttitud.San Francisco.
    2015 Mural room.Chancellor Hotel on Union Squere.San Francisco.
    2015 Best of Houzz 2015.Art Studio Sergey Konstantinov.
    2015 Art Exhibition Arttitud San Francisco.San Francisco.
    2015 Art Exhibition Soma Grant San Francisco.San Francisco.
    2015 Conservation & Restoration.Mural room.San Francisco.
    2015 Art Festival Arttitud.San Francisco.
    2015 MarinMOCA Fall National Drawing Juried Exhibition.
    2016 Best of Houzz 2016.Art Studio Sergey Konstantinov.
    2016 On the Red Carpet. Art studio Sergey Konstantinov.The Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation‎.
    2016 Serenity MedSpa San Francisco. SophiSticate Interiors. Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov.
    2017 Exhibit White world Gallery. Kiev. Ukraine.
    2017 Art studio Sergey Konstantinov. The Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation‎.
    2017 Magazine Haute Living. San Francisco.
    2017 The San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show.
    2017 The Richmond Aid Foundation. Help is on the way for the holidays. Auction. San Francisco.
    2018 Best of Houzz 2018. Art Studio Sergey Konstantinov.
    2018 SFMOMA. Golden Gate Bridge. Painting. Art studio Sergey Konstantinov. San Francisco.
    2018 Format Magazine. Golden Gate Bridge. Painting. Art studio Sergey Konstantinov. San Francisco.

Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov.

Room Mural. Artist Sergey Konstantinov.

Art studio Sergey Konstantinov. San Francisco Fall Antiques Show.

Ann Getty. Bookshelf. Sergey Konstantinov.

Gruzinskaya Villa. Dom & Interior. Suzanne Tucker. Sergey Konstantinov

Arttitud Sergey Konstantinov.

Sergey Konstantinov Muza-UA Ukraine.

Sergey Konstantinov  Ukraine.

Exhibition.Palace of Arts Lviv.Ukraine.

CODA Collaboration of Design + Art
A Georgian Villa Mural. Art studio Sergey Konstantinov.

Houzz Awards. Best of Houzz 2014. Best of Houzz 2016.  Houzz Badge 2015.

Book. Room to Remember. Suzanne Tucker.

Cool Art Studio in Dining Room Traditional with Graceful Taupe Studio next to Alluring Concealed...

We-Dwoje.pl Edipresse Polska S.A.

DESIGNMAG.FR  45 idées de déco murale en papiers peints photos incroyables.

TAYOMEDIA.COM  Classy Art Studio Sergey Konstantinov.

2013图片 卧室手绘效果图 卫生间地砖贴图 家居客厅吊顶效果图 酒吧装修设计效果图 拼花地板图片 

Arttitud San Francisco Artist Sergey Konstantinov Eclectic Living Room San Francisco.

Mural Room Artist Sergey Konstantinov Classical Murals Room.

20 Conventional Dining Rooms with Wallpaper Murals.

Magazine Haute Living San Francisco.

2018 SFMOMA. Golden Gate Bridge. Painting. Art studio Sergey Konstantinov. San Francisco. 

Format Magazine. Golden Gate Bridge. Painting. Art studio Sergey Konstantinov. San Francisco.

Book. Room to Remember. Suzanne Tucker.








2012.  Международный журнал о дизайне Дом&Интерьер. 06.2012. Москва.

2012. Международный журнал о дизайне Дом&Интерьер. 06.2012. Москва.

2013. Журнал MUZA-UA. Апрель 2013. Живопись. Художник Сергей Константинов.

2013. Exhibition.Palace of Arts Lviv.Ukraine.








 2017. Exhibit White world Gallery. Kiev. Ukraine. 

2017. Magazine Haute Living San Francisco.

2018.  SFMOMA. Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco. Painting. Art studio Sergey Konstantinov. San Francisco.

2018. SFMOMA. Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco. Painting. Art studio Sergey Konstantinov. San Francisco.

Art studio Sergey Konstantinov
415 928 8290

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