Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Painting Artist Sergey Konstantinov STH Gallery

The gallery exhibits modern and contemporary art, designing and producing classical and contemporary murals, restoration & conservation decorative arts, painting & sculpture.

Since academy, we have dreamed of our own business in the fine arts. Projects, exhibitions and plain airs have finally become our lifetime love. Our main goal is to create a space not only for communication, sharing ideas and experience, but also for promotion of artworks and validation of Ukrainian artists on the fine art market.
Since 2011, we have formed our own collection of paintings by contemporary Ukrainian artists. Our collection includes paintings by Serhiy Hai, Andriy Bludov, Nataliya Karpinska, Mykola Zhuravel, Dariya Tishchenko-Zhuravel, Liudmyla Bohuslavska, Volodymyr Bohuslavskyi, Serhiy Konstantinov, Viktoriya Protsiv, Petro Smetana, Ostap Patyk, Yevhen Pitsykevych, Olena Priduvalova, Oleksiy Apollonov, Halyna Khorundzha.
The concept of the gallery is to support and promote the Ukrainian art by attracting both renowned artists and beginners to joint projects and exhibition activities.

Nide. Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov. Oil/canvas 36/48 in.

Nide. Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov. Print/canvas 33/48 in. Twelve color inkjet print on canvas. Limited edition, signed by the artist.

STH Gallery
Mahazunova st. 1/12, Lviv, 79016, Ukraine
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Art studio Sergey Konstantinov.
Art Conservation & Restoration Sergey Konstantinov.
Artist Sergey Konstantinov.

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